The engine is an 1835 with an external cooler and full flow filter, 009 distributor with a Compu-Fire point conversion kit installed. Exhaust runs through an extractor exhaust system. For fuel delivery I started with a set of Kadron’s which worked well except at smog certificate time. Nevada is once per year and not quite as strict as California - no requirement to be visibly stock, just don’t pollute. So I had been reinstalling the stock carb setup which barely ran but did pass smog. To replace the Kadron’s I purchased a fuel injection kit put together by CB Performance. It is based on GM’s DFI system. The ECU comes from an Izusu and most of the other parts (oxygen sensor, MAP sensor, etc.) are of GM origin. Installed it looks for all the world like dual Dellorto’s. Cross throttle linkage, Dellorto manifolds with Lucas injectors and 48mm throttle bodies topped off with Dellorto air cleaners. The O2 sensor is mounted in the exhaust headers collector.
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