The People...

David Schwarze
and Joel Walker

Hallie, Jaxson, Charley
and Monte Davrill

Scott Harvey and Alice Ovanesian

Malcolm and
Millie Holser

There were, by my count -- including kids, 48 people at our "little" gathering. It was certainly great meet the folks whose e-mailed words have been so helpful, humorous, encouraging and instructive. My apologies to those I missed.

Click on the thumb nails and you can get a larger view of the selected photo.

Ron "Coyote" Lussier

Carol, John
and Jill Hugeunard

Dennis Gentry

Scott and Maggie Allred

Kath Myers and...

...her Majesty!

Jack Stafford -- he's
really in there!

Steve Johnson

Beth, Mary and ??. They joined us Saturday night

Jim Davis and son

Martha's newly painted Vanagon -- couldn't catch her in person.

The Complete List (with Unca' Joel's help) 

Scott and Maggie Allred
Joel Walker
Dave Schwarze
Martha Rubin
Sarah (Martha's daughter)
Scott Harvey and Alice Ovanesian
Brett (Scott's cousin?)
Jeff Schneiter
Eric and Casey Van Bronkhorst
Bren and son Kyle
Ron Lussier, Ely and Den
Steve and Linda Johnson
Jack Stafford
Al Hubbard
Dennis Gentry and Sheila
Beth and Lisa
Jim Davis and family
Monte and Hallie Davrill with sons Jaxon and Charley
Kathy Myers and Mark Blanchard
John and Carol Huguenard and daughter Jill
Malcolm and Mollie Holser with kids Dylan, Colin and Ian
Kevin (split window visitor)
Beth, Mary and someone else (spent Saturday night)


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