Scott 'n' Maggie A little bit about us. My name is Scott Allred. I am married to a lovely lady named Maggie and we live in Las Vegas, Nevada. We've raised 4 kids. Thankfully all have fledged and are on their own leaving us time for fun and frolic. We both like camping, hiking, biking, and sailing.

In August 1999 we sold the '71 Westy, our "Wayback Machine", after eight years. Andrea and Roger are her new owners and drove her up to their home in Portland, Oregon.

I'm now driving around in a 1999 F150 -- still gotta haul camping stuff. Our adventures won't stop. Maggie drives a '99 Infiniti I30. She flies in style!

In December '99 I went to work for a company called  XUMA based in San Freancisco that is expanding into new offices here in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's very exiting to be involved with a new startup Internet company. We engineer e-commerce sites from front to back. Check us out!

Maggie is the Office & HR Manger for a reprographics firm, Mercury/LDO. They do commercial reprographics and have four retail outlets for architectural supplies and imaging products.

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