This is a list of the issues of DB&HVW that contained the "Westfalia Project". I wrote the magazine several years ago and was able to order these back issues. They were $6 each.

DB&HVWs Back Issues Dept.
PO Box 2260
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Article Title Page Date Issued
Poptop Revival84March 1989
Bus Gauge Installation44May 1989
"Ripper" motor gets a home36June 1989
Final touches to engine62July 1989
*Banging the Bus into shape68*December 1989
*Interior Revival68*January 1990
Sound Installation Ideas52February 1990
Handling Improvements84March 1990
Project Westfalia Update, one year later77April 1991

* As of 3/96 these back issues are no longer available according to DB&HVWs

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